Art teaches critical thinking, reaches across cultures, and engages creativity.


Art Literacy

Salem-Keizer elementary schools have no art teachers, but we believe art is an important part of a childs education and development. Lead by the Chemeketa art professor, Laura Mack, volunteers teach art lessons in the classroom.


Curriculum for 2017/2018



“Sweets” inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud
Wayne Thiebaud is an artist who chooses subject matter from ordinary contemporary objects, places, and figures. His work was recognized as part of the Pop Art movement. His color usage and brushwork are both vibrant and thick. In his still life paintings, the shadows are often made with cool colors. He continues working to this day, well into his 90’s.

In this art literacy lesson students will learn about the artist and create oil pastels on colored paper. Their concoctions will be confections: ice cream (k-1), donuts (2-3) and cakes (4-5). 



“Cut-Outs” inspired by artist Henri Matisse
In winter’s art literacy lesson, students will learn about Henri Matisse. This artist is one of the biggies in modern art. He was first recognized his paintings with intense and decorative color. His later work moved from painting to cut paper and from representation to curvilinear, abstracted shapes. Students will find inspiration in these later “drawings with scissors.” Student work will combine shapes, colors and black and white to create their own nonrepresentational, cut out constructions.



“Murals” inspired by artist Kelsey Montague
Kelsey Montague is a street artist who studied art in Florence and London. She draws using line and color, pattern and detail. She gained notoriety with her interactive street mural project, What Lifts You. These are images of a pair of wings that come alive when someone poses in front. In this lesson, students create an individual piece of art that is combined with the work of their peers to make a large scale, community mural. Like Montague’s street art, students will be able to stand in front of the finished murals and pose. K-1 will make rain drops and stand under an umbrella. Grades 2-3 will make balloons and pose holding the string. 4-5 will make feathers to create wings and pose as if flying.