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Our mission is to enrich the education of students at Salem Heights Elementary. We bring together families, teachers and neighborhoods to create and produce programs and events for the school.


Parents and Teachers

Schools thrive when parents and teachers can come together. Parents learn and understand what's going at school and what teachers need. Teachers learn and understand what parents need and what they're concerned about. Together, they make going to school a better experience for the students.


The School

Salem Heights Elementary serves just over 300 students. It is the center of the deaf and hard of hearing program for elementary students in the Salem-Keizer school district.


The PTC organizes and funds a wide variety of programs to support the school and its students. One of the main programs we fund are school field trips. We also encourage community through our family nights, supplement academics with an art literacy program and make sure teachers have the supplies they need in the classroom.

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Get Involved

Every project, event and program the PTC does, only happens because of volunteers. We need your help to make these things happen.  Your time is as important as the money you give.

Volunteering can be as much or as little as you want, in whatever you are interested in. You can come a little early and help set-up and event, or you could lead a whole new program, there is something for everyone.

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