Jog-a-thon UPDATE!

Each student should be bringing home an index card with their name on it. There will be 2 numbers hand written on it. The number that is NOT circled is the actual number of laps the student ran in the gym and the number that IS circled is the adjusted number of laps the student would have ran if we ran on the track. Mr. Sorensen used a distance wheel and walked around the track one time and it measured 200 meters. He then walked one of the laps in the gym and it measured 66 meters. That ends up being a ratio of 3 gym laps to 1 track lap. The circled number should be the uncircled number divided by three. The computer did round up or down. You may call Mr. Sorensen with any questions.

If you've already turned in your packet, donate through the website! Your student will get credit!

April Paw Prints

We are excited to announce our new PTC Website! Keep up to date on all the latest news, events and programs. Use the buttons on the bottom of each page to donate or volunteer.

PTC Meeting - Thursday May 4th, 6:30-7:30. A new board will be elected during this meeting. Do you want to serve or have a voice in who does? Come and vote for new officers and help build the school community.

Boys won the box top competition! After many years, the boys have finally prevailed. They recieved an extra recess on Friday, April 14th. The box tops raised $280. Way to go Rascals!


Your student will be running during their normal PE time on Thursday, April 27th. Come and cheer your favorite Rascal! Volunteers are needed to help count laps and give students water and oranges after they are finished.

The JOG-A-THON is our largest fundraising event of the year. Last year weit made up for 60% of our overall budget. Money raised goes into the general budget for next year. Family nights, field trips, assemblies, classroom supplies and everything else the PTC does is funded by the JOG-A-THON!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the staff dinner during conferences!

Welcome back!

Spring break is over and life returns to normal. We hop everyone had a great time. April is a big month at the school. We have a couple of weeks to settle in, but on the 21st there will be a family movie night and the friday following will be the jog-a-thon! k-1-2 also have their field trip to the zoo, so check in with your childs teacher to make sure they've got enough help.

Stay tuned for updates on the May family night which will be our Art night. In the past we've done a spring festival, but this year we've done more smaller events spread out through the year. So instead of a big spring event, it will be art focused. Come in and check out what everyone has been doing in the Art Literacy program.


April brings us finally to the jog-a-thon, our largest fundraiser. There were a lot of changes this year, and the jog-a-thon is one of them. Instead of the fall, we decided to schedule it for the spring. Everything else will happen the same as it has, just in the spring, with hopefully some nice weather.

Oh, and there may be some special guests, from a galaxy far far away.