One night a month the PTC invites students, families and teachers to come together for a special activity.


Family Nights

An important part of the PTC mission is to help build community. One way we do this is through family nights. Each month during the school year we organize and offer a themed get together. There's food and activities. Families can meet other families, staff, and have a good time, all for free.


What kinds of things do we do?


Movie Night

Movies are one of our favorite family fun night acitivies and we usually schedule several throughout the year. In the past we've shown How to Train Your Dragon.


Space and Science

January was our space and science night. The chemistry club from Willamette University demonstrated expirements, there were crafts and activities for all the planets. Students got a space passport validated at each activity.


Art Night

Scheduled for the spring, this is an opportunity for students showcase their art projects from the PTC art literacy program. Of course students and parents can make their own art too!


Literacy Night