Jog-a-thon UPDATE!

Each student should be bringing home an index card with their name on it. There will be 2 numbers hand written on it. The number that is NOT circled is the actual number of laps the student ran in the gym and the number that IS circled is the adjusted number of laps the student would have ran if we ran on the track. Mr. Sorensen used a distance wheel and walked around the track one time and it measured 200 meters. He then walked one of the laps in the gym and it measured 66 meters. That ends up being a ratio of 3 gym laps to 1 track lap. The circled number should be the uncircled number divided by three. The computer did round up or down. You may call Mr. Sorensen with any questions.

If you've already turned in your packet, donate through the website! Your student will get credit!